Startups and development of new business areas in your own company

Everything starts with an idea which potentially can be successfully implemented and become a business opportunity.

For new businesses to succeed, you need to be confident about the business model and carefully prepare your business plan.

Initiating a startup, or introducing a new line of business in your existing company, needs the support of a successfully designed business plan, proper implementation with the right structure and proper financial resources allocation, whether it involves own financing, external bank financing or specialized investors.

Gedja Finance, through its Accounting, Consulting and Management divisions and Gedja Web with its focus on Design and Web design, has the necessary skills and competencies to help you with your new business initiative, whether you are in the early stages of development or already in the more advanced stages of the implementation process. We aim to facilitate your tasks throughout the process of creating your company, help you in developing the business strategy, the appropriate structure to deliver it and in defining the resources needed to achieve it. The focus will always be to make sure we give you the support you need for the successful implementation of your project. In the next phase we will be focusing our efforts at ensuring your business is sustainable and profitable in order to serve the interests for which it was created, contributing  with our knowledge and expertise for that purpose.

Implementing a new business idea and creating a new company or startup that serves it, is full of challenges. Having a business idea and implementing it successfully are two very distinct steps. The execution phase will hardly be successful without good planning, from market situation analysis to positioning itself against other market players, define and clear state competitive advantages, identify target customers, clearly state the strategy that will deliver the established (measurable) objectives, allocation of human and financial resources, are, amongst others,  key factors that cannot be ignored.

gedja finance start-ups

Please find below some key aspects that your business plan should include:  

– Executive summary;

– Your experience and background (those responsible for the successful implementation of the project) and, if the company already exists a brief history highlighting the key points;

– Situation analysis of the market sector your business idea or start up will operate;

– Clear Positioning in the market sector where you will develop your business and SWOT Analysis;

– The Project, description of Key Initiatives, the Product or Service (or idea of ​​product or service);

– What are the Objectives and which Strategy will serve the purpose of achieving them;

– Financial Projections for the first 3 years (at least);

– How will Management control the successful implementation of the business;

– What investment is needed. Capex and Cash Flow Analysis;

– …/…

Gedja Finance is committed to support you, your team and your business to succeed!

We exist to serve you achieving that purpose and we will be delighted to support you using our own resources or using our specialized partners. We will provide you with the necessary assistance to lay down the foundations that will make your project a viable one, rewarding you with the expected returns.

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