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Human resources departments within an organization are in general involved in the areas of recruitment,  training, support, and direction, management, talent management and career progression, performance appraisals, legal and management advice, administrative services, tasks that a line management team needs to successfully operate.

In large size companies, the Human Resources function support the CEO at implementing the culture of the organization and may be in many cases also involved in activities related to Corporate Social Responsibility.

In general, small and medium-sized enterprises do not have the “luxury” of having dedicated full-time Human Resources departments and therefore, leave most of those tasks, that are generally the responsibility of Human Resources, in the hands of line management.

In small and medium size organizations line managers play a significant role in the recruitment process, in training, coaching, and development of the team, they are also responsible for staff retention and for implementing regular performance appraisals to ensure continuous development of their staff skills and competencies, in a nutshell, they own the responsibility for their people engagement and commitment, their reward systems, their contribution to the organization and their productivities.

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These are indeed very important and time demanding tasks for line managers in small and medium-size organizations, so most frequently these companies outsource other tasks such as payroll functions, clerical and administrative support, compiling and updating employee records, compliance with labour legislation and process documentation, issuing of tax relevant documents for VAT returns, social security, and others. By outsourcing these activities, you and your team save time and energy to be used in a more productive way in those activities that bring strategic value to your company.

Regardless of the company’s strategy, structure or financial resources, your staff is key to supporting the organization growth and development. It is therefore essential that your valuable time and that of your management team is fully dedicated to supporting them, leaving other time-consuming tasks to Gedja Finance.

Within our consultancy services we are also fit to give you advice on how to improve your human resources management, if this area gives you some concerns, particularly in the fields of training, coaching, performance analysis, and follow-up actions, especially focused on sales and productivities, those that are responsible for the top line growth of your company.

Your employees are set to contribute effectively and productively to the growth of your business and we can support you achieving that.

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