Financial and Analytical Accounting

Gedja Finance: Your Accounting Office – Financial and Analytical Accounting

Financial Accounting

Gedja Finance professionals execute your firm´s financial accounting preparing reliable reports on your business’s financial state at any given time. Reports are prepared and delivered on a regular schedule, monthly or quarterly, depending upon the sector and size of your business. This gives you, your stockholders and other stakeholders, a picture of your business´s financial health. Financial accounting is done following generally accepted accounting principles.

Managerial Accounting

Gedja Finance professionals do also have the skills and competencies to offer you, your managers and peers, additional financial information focused on understanding, interpreting and supporting the decision making process within your firm. This will be a tool you can use to address your firm´s potential financial needs and challenges.


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Analytical Accounting

Gedja Finance professionals are equipped to offer your firm financial reporting that go beyond balancing accounts. The goal is to provide you and/or your management team with additional information to assist with the decision making processes, serving your specific needs, tracking specific costs and revenues. Our team can support you with the tools and consultancy intelligence that will enable your managers interpreting the data and making sound strategic decisions.

Having access to the financial and analytical accounting of your company gives you the ability to analyze and evaluate them and the ability to take timely measures to correct less favorable situations or that help to intensify initiatives that prove to be beneficial to your company.

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